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Raju Punjabi Net Worth

Who is Raju Punjabi

He is a very famous Haryanvi singer. People know him by the name of DJ KING. His popularity is famous not only in India but all over the world. His popularity is due to his songs because his songs are regional and desi, due to which people give him a lot of love. Fans are impressed by his unique singing style and the tunes of his songs. Due to his style, he is considered a big star of the Haryanvi singing industry.
There are millions of views on their songs on each of their social media.
He has become an icon for the Punjabi youth of Haryana and inspires the youth to fulfill their musical dreams.


Full NameRaju Punjabi
PassionSinger & Composer
SingerHaryanvi Singer
Popular NameDJ King
Age5 September 1983
Place Of BirthHisar, Haryana, India
Wife NameMamta
Net Worth$7 Million
Height and Weight5 feet 5 inches and 70 kg (approx)
Latest SongApse Milke Yaara Humko Accha Laga
Famous SongDesi Desi Na Bolya Kr Shori Re
Death Date22 August 2023

Raju Punjabi Age

He was born on 5 September 1983 in Hisar, Haryana, India.

Raju punjabi biography death reaon age net worth

Raju’s Family

His father and mother live in his family, whose information we do not have yet.

Height and Weight

His height is 5 feet 5 inches and weight is 70 kg.

Net Worth

In the year 2023, the valuation of Raju Punjabi’s financial assets stood at an estimated $7 million. Furthermore, under his supervision, each rendition of his musical compositions commanded a fee of around 2 crore Indian rupees. The melodic cadence and entrancing verses of Raju Punjabi’s musical creation titled “Fair Lovely” not only propelled it into the echelons of triumph within the Haryanvi music realm but also instigated a resonating success. The jubilant auditory undertones coupled with the dynamic vocal articulations seamlessly captured the essence of exultant junctures.

Raju Punjabi Career

In the realm of musical amalgamation where the echoes of Haryanvi and Punjabi harmoniously entwine, Raju’s artistic essence blooms in Punjabi Tunes, endowing him with a distinct and alluring persona. Raju, it appears, seamlessly incorporates his surname in Punjabi to bestow a befitting identity upon his creative persona. Noteworthy to mention, Raju Punjabi’s vocal resonance adorned a multitude of compositions under the banners of NDJ Music and Sonotek Tapes.

In defiance of the intricate challenges intrinsic to the crafting of each melodious opus and comprehensive album, presented here are the titles and auditory chronicles of a select repertoire of his superlative compositions. Pertaining to Raju’s corporeal constitution, an imposing physique graces his being. Aged 36 in the year 2019, his prolificacy stands evident through the unveiling of over 50 exquisite anthologies of musical brilliance hitherto.

Raju’s Wife

His wife’s name is Mamta and he also has two daughters whose names we don’t know.

Latest song 2023

Apse Milke Yaara Humko Accha Laga (2023)

Famous Songs

The most famous song is “Desi Desi Na Bolya Kr Shori Re”, which is still loved by many people. This song reflects their culture and tradition. Because of which they are very famous.

Raju Punjabi Independance day post

Reason behind Raju Punjabi death

A very sad news was received on 22 August 2023, due to which the whole country is in shock. Raju was admitted in Haryana Hospital. He left the world at the age of 40.

According to India TV News
Singer was admitted to Haryana Hospital where he was undergoing treatment for jaundice. He was also discharged once from the hospital as his health was getting better and then suddenly his health started deteriorating slowly due to which he again got admitted to Haryana Hospital, where he breathed his last.

The individual named Raju, having traversed four decades of existence, encountered an unanticipated health affliction roughly a decennary ago. Recent reports from various Haryana-based news outlets have alluded to the exacerbation of his condition to such an extent that the requirement for ventilatory assistance became a pressing necessity.

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